The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.”


I find this picture to be very powerful. You can’t imagine how long it took to find it, but I had to find just the right one. πŸ™‚

This song helped me when I was really struggling, and I knew I needed to write a story about it. I hope the song helps others as much as it helped me. (Go Casting Crowns! :D)

I’ll never know how I got there; I just did. It was cold. And wet. I remember shivering. Pain shot through me as bullets of water pierced my skin. It was loud. I couldn’t hear the sound of my voice over the roar. Such sensations clouded my thinking until I realized the roar was rain.

I was standing on something slippery. Something hard. And flat. The soles of my bare feet screamed in pain as all feeling and vitality drained out. Something clung to my back, making me tremble. My soaking hair. I kept blinking violently as I tried to protect my eyes from the rain.

It was also dark. I couldn’t see my hands in front of my face. Fierce wind shot past me at frightening speeds. The roar intensified. My knees quivered. Cold, wet, exhausted, and utterly alone, I came face to face with violent fear. Never before had I felt this helpless. I cried out, but no one heard me. It wasn’t long before tears mixed with the rain streaming down my face.

A clap of deafening thunder crashed across the open sky. I jumped. My heart thumped madly. As I started to tremble intensely, I wrapped my arms around me. My skin was soaked to the bone. My trembling turned to shaking.

Fire shot through me as lightening flashed across the sky. I screamed. My knees gave way. Curling up into a ball, I tried to shield my face from the rain. It came down in torrents. Fear bled through to my voice as I cried louder. My throat began to go numb, but I still couldn’t hear my screams.

Then I began to remember. I remembered not being alone. I remembered my closest Friend, who was always there for me, no matter where I was. No matter what I did. I remembered Him who promised me I would never be alone. He promised I need not fear.

Where was He now? Why was He not here with me? Why hadn’t he come and stopped this storm by now? Why hadn’t he come and helped me up? Why has He not wiped my tears away yet?

Lightening streaked the sky. The thunder cracked. I flinched, though I barely noticed through my shaking. The wind whistled louder. I covered my ears as I shut all coherent thought out of my head.

Then I heard a murmur. It was so soft, I almost missed it, yet distinct enough to hear through the roar. My eyebrows furrowed. Then nothing. I tried to shut out the roar again. Another murmur. It was getting louder. I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Pulling my hands away, I sat up. Another murmur. Then wind subsided. I could begin to make out the words.

I am with you.

I pulled my arms tightly around me, confused. Was it just the rain? My teeth chattered rapidly. My jaw ached.

I am with you.

It was louder. I turned my head toward it. I had to be sure I wasn’t making this up.

I am with you.

Lightening flared across the sky, and I saw Him. Far in the distance, I saw His shadow silhouette against the rain. I raised my head higher, but the lightening had fled, leaving me in darkness.

I am with you.

I rolled over to my knees and sat up. My eyes searched the black horizon where he had been moments before. I still couldn’t see. Why can’t I see Him? Why can’t I find Him?

I am with you.

Again, lightening gleamed. He was closer. The wind and rain weren’t strong enough to hold back his urgent stride. Then light was gone. But I knew I wasn’t alone. He was coming for me.

I am with you.

I tried to stand, but my shaking pulled me down. Pain seared across my side as I tried to break my fall. I cried out. I tried to get up. More thunder. The wind flew by even louder and fast. I stumbled, the wind’s savage strength too much to fight.

I am with you.

I stretched my arms out for Him, my weak cries barely over a whisper. Lightening blazed. He was nearly here! He was running, his arms out. Thunder clapped. I was almost to my feet, but the wind again pushed me back. And again, I began to fall.

Before I hit the ground something warm and strong caught me. My breathed rushed out. I cried harder. He was here. He was holding me up. I was safe.

He pulled me up to my feet, his back shielding me from the rain. It poured even harder now, but I didn’t care. My legs shook so much I could barely stand. Softly, he stroked my face, his fingers tucking strands of hair behind my ears. β€œIt’s okay,” he murmured, β€œI’m here. You’re not alone. I’m with you. It’s okay.”

Then he began to guide me forward, towards the unknown black horizon where he had come. Panic flooded me; my feet wouldn’t move. I could barely mumble the words out through my whimpering.

β€œI can’t do it. I can’t go any further.”

Lightening pulsed. I saw his face. Tears rolled down along with the rain, his anguish matching mine, though I sensed his was different. Yet compassion also lined his face. Thunder crashed, but all I heard was his calming voice.

β€œI’m here. I’m holding you up. I will help you.”

I looked up to his face, hesitant. He leaned forward till his forehead touched mine, still stroking my face. I closed my eyes and inhaled a shaky breath. My heart ached, for I knew the road ahead. I knew the danger, the pain. I knew of the unrelenting rain and jolting thunder I would face.

He pulled his face away, and I opened my eyes. More lightening. I saw his face. He smiled confidently, his eyes still compassionate. He turned his gaze back to where he had come from. He started to pull me toward the unknown, and weakly, I shuffled forward.

The storm continued around us still, as it would until we reached our destination. But I wasn’t alone anymore. I would have help. He would hold me up when I could not. He would pick me up when I fell down. He would give me strength when I had none left.

I am with you.


2 responses

  1. sereniteacafe

    Lauren….wow. It’s great. Good job! πŸ˜€

    May 11, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    • bestseller2b

      Thank you. πŸ˜€ I think that the beach one is better than this one, but I liked the story.

      May 11, 2009 at 1:17 pm

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